Success by Design

Success is not an Accident

‘Success by Design’ is a strategic program that breaks down long term goals into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Results Driven

Purpose Oriented

Action Focused

Work with JT the AT to develop positive daily Rituals that will build the future you want.



Belief Drives Potential

Watch this stellar video that explains why ‘success begets success, and failure leads to failure’. Personal development is the reconditioning of your mind to manifest positive results and eliminate negative influences in your life. This is the basis behind the ‘Law of Attraction’. If you like this video and want to learn more, Check out my full ‘Motivation Playlist‘  or download it Here.  a series of recordings from speakers including Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn. A little personal development each day will help you master your belief patterns and create the certainty of potential that is necessary to envision the future you truly want.



Potential Determines Action

The last Sunday of each month, I do a little lesson and goal setting workshop using facebook live or the ‘zoom’ app. Everyone is invited to these events; they are my way of ‘paying it forward’. I’ve learned these skills and strategies through years of study, and now I get to share them with my friends and family. These little seminars represent the exact steps I started taking in 2012 that radically changed my life and made it possible for me to learn new skills and ‘unlock’ new life experiences.  Here is a recording from one of my first goal setting workshops. It’s not very formal, but the lessons are timeless. If you do this workshop monthly, I can guarantee it will change your life. If you are not actively choosing the direction of your life, you will be forced to live a life you don’t want because you didn’t plan ahead.


Other resources: Tony Robbins ‘RPM Planner’, ‘Project Life Mastery’ Goal Setting Workshop, Scott Dinsmore Goal setting workshop.


Action Creates Results

”Make every Monday your bitch.”

Life is about taking control of the things you can actually control. Start each week with a ‘Strategy Sunday’. Download the ‘Strategy Sunday’ worksheet. This document is an integration of ideas from Tony Robbins, Scott Dinsmore, and Stefan Pylarinos. Print a copy each weekend and use your top 3 goals from the goal setting workshop to prioritize your Most Important Tasks. Make progress towards each of your 3 goals every week. The law of compounding returns will amaze you after a year of consistent action.

Download Here




Results Reinforce Belief

As Jim Rohn puts it, ‘work full time at your job, and part time on your fortune.’

How to Create Results:

Once you have completed the ‘Strategy Sunday’ weekly planner, you are ready to plan each day. In the weekly planner, you chose 3 MIT’s. These become the first things to attack each day. Time prioritization becomes the most important aspect of achieving anything day to day. If you waste all of your time working on BS useless projects first, you will never achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Make sure to Prioritize at minimum 20 minutes per day for each of your 3 MIT’s. If you cannot do this, you will never achieve them.  Something worth doing is worth doing every single day. Everyone has to prioritize time. If you aren’t putting time towards your goals, they are not important to you. If you don’t work to change your life EVERY SINGLE DAY, your life will never change. Next week is not good enough. Tomorrow is not good enough. You have to do whatever it takes to get in your 20 minutes. Plan your meals ahead. Hire a babysitter. Ask neighbors or family for help. Don’t go out drinking. Don’t work overtime. Get a new job. Whatever you have to do, don’t hesitate and don’t regret.

If you cannot commit 20 minutes a day to achieving the things most important to you, what is the point of your existence? Work, eat, sleep, and die?


If you are content living your life on ‘zombie-autopilot’, I don’t have time for you.  But if you are ready to make drastic life changes, then you have been led here, for a reason, at exactly the right time in your life!

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