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Kim’s Vimify Results

How to Lose 6.5 Pounds in 21 Days!


When Kim came to me, I could tell she was desperate and excited to make some changes.  We talked about obstacles and goals for over an hour and then set her up with a program.

  1. Fitness Program with Beachbody, yoga on youtube, walking with friends
  2. Nutrition:  Added Beachbody + Berry smoothie in the morning.  And Cut out Coffee, and sugary drinks.
  3. Online Fitness App with Vimify: The only fitness app is featured above. It checks in with each client each day.


After the first 21 day challenge, Kim has lost 6.5 pounds and 7.75 inches.  Not only this, but she is sleeping better than she has in years and is full of energy all day.


If you are looking for similar results, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.   I won’t work with anyone who isn’t committed to change, but if you show me that you are committed, I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.  Just make the decision to be better than you are today. 🙂