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Britt Finishes her First Ironman RaceSuper stoked to congratulate Brittany Elizabeth on completing her first IronMan Lake Placid event!!

Part of being a great athlete is creating a holistic training program that addresses the entire body, previous injuries, nutrition, sleep, psychology, and recovery. The following is a brief breakdown of the additions we made to her training this spring and summer leading up to the race.

  1. Daily Shakeology Nutrient-Dense Superfood Supplement.
  2. Modified Diet with a focus on recipes with nutrients and vitamins necessary for improved recovery and decreased inflammation.
  3. Sports Tape (Rock Tape) for shoulder/neck pain reduction and added stability.
  4. Deep tissue massage and Active Release Technique for the shoulders and neck.
  5. Gua Sha Massage Technique for Improved Blood Flow
  6. HOURS and hours and hours of running, biking, and swimming (the three things I can’t really help with much!)
  7. Burdenko Method Recovery Workout session in the pool the day after the race.

Reported results so far? … sore but injury free!


Here is her story:


”Thank you to my good friend Joshua Thompson at Joshua Thompson Fitness for the countless hours he’s given me devolving nutrition plans, recovery plans, and doing everything possible to keep me injury free up to and after the race including k-taping, multiple massages, and Active Release Treatments.”

Post-Race Burdenko Method Recovery Workout in the Pool