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Do the ‘One Thing’

The Power of Choice


Everyone has that ‘One Thing’ that they are afraid to do but know they need to do it.  For me, that has always been starting my own business.   When I moved out to Colorado, I knew I wanted to become ”THE GUY” for sports therapy in the Denver area for general people, CrossFit athletes, obstacle course racers, triathletes, and high school athletes.  But, I also didn’t know anyone, so I took a job at the local Lifetime Fitness.

The Last 2 Years: Lifetime Fitness

This place has been great for me.  I learned so much about sales, program design, marketing, business, management, AND I got to work on about 2000 people over the course of about 18 months. It’s really a great place to figure out your own method. I got to work with some of the top professionals in the fitness industry.  During this time, I built my websites, my linkdIn, my personal brand and a vast network of entrepreneurs and business executives in the Denver and surrounding areas.

Everything has been going fine at Lifetime but I’ve always had that calling to go out on my own.  I crave the ”freedom” of Entrepreneurship and the significance of being my own boss. So, though I was doing well, I was always looking for a better opportunity (like everyone else my age).  Ultimately, Lifetime provided a place where I could make a decent salary and help a lot of people, but I was severely limited. I have chiropractors, friends, and clients who have all been trying to refer their friends and family to me…. but they couldn’t come see me without getting a Lifetime membership. You can imagine how frustrating this was for me… to be able to help people but not allowed to work with them.

The Offer

I got a message from a physical therapist who recently bought a gym and office.  She offered to have me work out of her clinic and even introduced me to a Doctor who would back me, thus allowing me to work as an official Athletic Trainer.  In 2016, I was working with the US Olympic Luge team and had a supervising physician.  Since then, I have functioned as a personal trainer, not even technically allowed to call myself a Certified Athletic Trainer.  So, when I got this offer and physician backing, I knew this was the universe telling me that is was time.

So, I put in my two weeks notice at Lifetime April 24th and started putting together plans for my future business.



Finally getting ‘Back’ to Back Pain Therapy as a full time Athletic Trainer!

Elevate Fit Club

At Elevate, not only do I get to provide Athletic Training and personal training, but I have a team of professionals to work with who all offer something that I do not.  This way, we can work together and refer our patients/clients to each other as needed.


Event Outreach

At this point, Elevate is only part of my week.  I also work out of a variety of different locations in Lafayette, Westminster, Denver downtown, and soon Boulder.   Some of the events I sponsor are listed below.

  1. American Ninja Warrior Athletes
  2. CrossFit Challenges
  3. Triathlons
  4. Ironman
  5. Highlander Strong Man Competition
  6. Obstacle Course Racing



I tried to implement a lot of these programs into the Lifetime Fitness structure and continually ran into resistance, obstacles and limited success.  Now that I can officially call myself an Athletic Trainer, I can work in all of these settings with no restrictions. This is what I was meant to do (at least for now).

I finally feel like I am back on the right path with my life.  But it takes a lot to go out on your own.  I’m not saying that is what everyone should be doing.  But I am saying that if there is something that you are afraid to do, you should probably go ahead and jump off that cliff.  If you have a strong support team, you’ll figure it out!


In Closing

I recognize that every part of my success up to this point and going forward is the result of the support of the people around me. If you are reading this, it means you are part of my team.  And I thank you for just being here and being part of my life.  If you want to help me, feel free to schedule an appointment with me at one of my locations or online (if you aren’t in Colorado).  And if you don’t need anything from me, but still want to contribute, just go ahead and share this post and write me reviews here: 


Thanks for being part of my journey!  I’d love to help you on yours in any way that I can.  🙂