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Hello!   I’m JT aka JTtheAT.

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First off, I go by JT the AT because I am an Athletic Trainer.  If you are not familiar with that word, it’s like something between a personal trainer and a physical therapist.   Physical Therapists get people back to walking after a surgery. Athletic Trainers get them back to the Olympics or Ironman. I have a Master of Science degree in Athletic Training, which is a field of Sports Medicine.

As an athletic trainer, I have worked in physical therapy clinics, high school outreach programs, collegiate sports, collegiate rehabilitation, personal training and spent a year as the Athletic Trainer for the US Olympic Luge Team. I studied Sports Medicine at Plymouth State University where I learned core stability training with Dr. Marjorie King, PhD, ATC, PT; was certified in the Burdenko Method by Tom Barbeau M.S., Burdenko Master and 2 time Olympic Ski coach. I also assisted Nutritionist Dr. John Bagnulo, PhD, at multiple nutrition seminars, and completed a certification of ‘Active Release Technique’ for Spine.”

Currently, I work at Life Time Fitness in Westminster, Colorado and I am loving it out here!  🙂

I grew up playing baseball, track, paintball, skiing, and soccer.  I went on to play international soccer in France, but spend most of my free time now learning Acro Yoga and Rock Climbing.

You can check out my active lifestyle on my instagram page @ www.instagram.com/JTtheAT


”If you want change… You have to change!” – Jim Rohn



Growing up, I was constantly injured, but I was extremely passionate about sports and performance. I was also very introverted, negative, depressed, and over-stressed.  I had lost belief in myself because injuries were always holding me back from my full potential.

I felt like my body was against me.  I hated myself sometimes for it.

Then my mom gave me these Tony Robbins Audio Tapes, and I learned to change my life by changing my focus and physiology. You’ve probably heard something along the lines of ”Attitude determines Altitude”. I built new belief patterns to reflect a balance of my needs, desires, and abilities.  If I wasn’t going to be a star athlete, I would at least help as many people as possible avoid the same setbacks I had gone through.

I got my Master’s in Athletic Training and a certification in the Burdenko Method.  I’ve spent years learning as much as I can about fitness, health, nutrition, and rehabilitation. I am constantly learning new techniques to get people to achieve their full potential.

 Train with JTtheAT at LifeTime Fitness.

Currently I work through LifeTime Fitness as a Personal Trainer. I assess injuries, develop post-rehabilitation programs, and focus on Corrective Exercise for posture and gait. I also provide Burdenko Method Training group classes.

If you want to know more about training with me, text me directly at 518.569.6909





During my first job experience, I realized three things: 

People WANT to Succeed

People CAN Succeed 

Belief Determines Success

A comprehensive program assesses and develops: 

Cardiovascular Development

Strength Training

Functional Movement (Burdenko Method)


Hormone Balance


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Final Word

I am committed to doing my best in helping you achieve all of your goals and live an extraordinary life. I will continue to provide high quality video blogs and openly share all of my training secrets with as many people as I can.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question on the blog at any moment.  I’m usually fairly active in responding to people on the blog or through social media.

If there is a particular video blog that you like, be sure to share it!  I want to help more people, and I need your help to reach them.

I look forward to connecting with you soon 🙂


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