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Why work with JT?

Only the Burdenko Method can prepare you for all possible physical challenges.

A lot of fitness professionals get into fitness by taking a quick course and certification.  Many stop there and they are able to help a lot of people start their fitness journey.  However, JT has taken a couple more steps up the ladder, earning a Master of Science degree in Sports Medicine; an Advanced Russian personal training certification in the Burdenko Method; and years of experience in numerous high school, college, international and Olympic sports settings.  He has worked with 11 year old girl soccer players, 90 year old physical therapy patients, patients with no legs, 350 pound recovering diabetes patients, high school, college, and Olympic team athletes.  Very few people have the range of skills and experience that JT has acquired.

The foundation of JT’s practice is the Burdenko Method, an advanced Russian Training strategy that focuses on the development of Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Endurance, Speed, and Strength.  Into this framework, he integrates sports medicine principles to target body weaknesses to correct deficiencies, prevent injury, and enhance performance.  Combine this with nutrition and psychology and you have everything you need to be ‘the best version of you!’


How Can JT Help You??


If you live in Colorado

The Burdenko Method Book by Igor Burdenko, PhD

Work with JT personally. Join one of his Burdenko Training groups, self-myofascial release classes, or weight loss boot-camps on land and in water. Group sessions are also possible for corporate wellness programs or sport specific team training.  For serious clients, ask about a full assessment that will cover previous injuries, postural assessment, personalized fitness programming, psychology, and nutrition.

If you live in North America  

Join a virtual monthly fitness challenge where you get:

  • Home fitness program
  • Private Coaching
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Fitness app with daily checklists
  • Daily Personal Development Lessons
  • Monthly Goal Setting Workshops
  • JT’s Weekly Planner
  • 24/7 contact with fitness professionals and other people just like you!

International Travelers

Click ”Apply Today” to set up a free consultation.  Get access to all of the above programming and develop a customized program that fits your body and your priorities. Also available for Teams and International Travel.  (BITCOIN/Crypto’s Accepted!)

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Want to know more??

Home FitnessFitness is

The value of working with a Beachbody coach is the instant access to customized programs created by some of the top fitness professionals in the market.  I love teaching personal training, but I don’t have the time and I can’t be multiple places at one time!

Luckily, I can connect people with the right fitness programs, from body-slimming PiYo or The 21-Day Fix, to heart-pounding Insanity or T25,  to body-sculpting P90X3. Beachbody has premium products with hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development.

Many of my clients simply add Beachbody fitness to their existing routine – whether they are runners, walkers, or even go to a health club. Fitness comes in many forms. The more forms you can embrace, the better you are at staying committed. I personally teach Burdenko classes to my local cleints, but love having Beachbody DVDs to supplement my workouts.

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For nutrition, I recommend that people cut out toxic chemicals; decrease dairy, flour and sugar intake; and add more unprocessed whole foods from organic and local farmers.

I assisted Nutritionist John Bagnulo, PhD at multiple seminars.  He teaches other health professionals the importance of whole foods, fiber intake, and the beneficial effects of following a diet based on human evolution.  I have slowly been changing my diet by adding new recipes and foods.

However, I still find it difficult for most people to get adequate nutrient intake.  To supplement this, I personally use and endorse Shakeology meal replacement for daily health and wellness. It is a nutrient dense meal, NOT a diet shake. Beachbody has created one of the only health food shake on the market with all the benefits and no drawbacks, artificial sweeteners, colors, or added junk. Even the vanilla in the shakes is the real. It is gluten free and caffeine free.

Shakeology has more than 70 essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, protein, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. It is a powerful multivitamin in a delicious meal that is the equivalent to five trips to a salad bar.

It changed my body and changed my energy. I started drinking Shakeology when I realized that it wasn’t FULL OF SHIT like so many other popular supplements. I immediately noticed a difference in my energy – within 5 days of shakes my sleep and digestion improved.

Since changing my diet, the biggest difference in my life has been the increase in my energy level. Because of this, I have been able to build this website, travel the world, and create the life I wanted.

If you are ready to train smart and improve energy, focus, digestion, and so much more, it’s time you work with me. I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals.

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Shakeology. The Healthiest Meal of the Day!

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