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How to Make Kickass Burritos

Why Meal Prep??

Meal Prep has become a critical part of my life for both my health, and because I hate wasting time on menial tasks when I could be thinking about conquering the universe, solving political problems or out rock climbing.  I have created a few recipes which I can mass produce that save me tons of time!

  1. Save Time

  2. Save Money

  3. Daily Healthy Choice

  4. Decrease # of Daily Decisions

  5. Did I mention, SAVE TIME??


How to make delicious Healthy Burritos!


  • Step One: Heat Spices, then add Oils

    • Spices: Turmeric, Salt, Pepper, Cardamon, Cumin, Crushed Red Pepper, Paprika, Ginger?, Chili Powder.
    • Add Cocunut Oil and/or Olive Oil.   (I do lots of both)

  • Step Two: Make Quinoa (Like 2 cups… a Lot!)

    • Add some of the spicy oil to the mix when done.
  • Step Three: Beans

    • While the Quinoa Cooks, Prep your beans.
    • Heat like 4 cans of black beans or other in some of the spicy oil.
    • Once heated, add to the Quinoa Mix.
  • Step Four: Peppers

    • While The Quinoa Cooks and the Beans heat, chop up the peppers.
    • Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pablano, Serrano, Fresno (The Best!), and maybe Habenero.
    • When the Quinoa is done, add the beans to the Quinoa and then sautee the peppers in the remaining Spicy Oil.

  • Step Five: Mix Peppers, Beans, Quinoa, and Oils.


Step Six: Put the Mix on a wrap, sprinkle with cheesy-cheese, and make into a Burrito.

  • Optional: If you are Gluten or Dairy free, just eat the mix as is.  It’s a delicious spicy meal.


Step Seven: Wrap the Burrito in Tin Foil and Freeze.


Step Eight: Take to work every day for lunch.  I usually make about 20-30 at a time.


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