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Part I: Active Release Technique and Ergonomic Consultation

Corporations spend literally billions of dollars every year on personnel injuries. What if there were a way to eliminate a majority of those injuries at a fraction of the cost?  On a weekly basis, all of your employees could have access to a rehabilitative specialist, certified in Active Release Technique.


  • Reduce Injury Occurrence
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction & Retention
  • Provide an incentive for new employee applications
  • Tax Deductible as Medical Prevention Cost
  • Access to a local Fitness Professional for employees


Part II: Fitness / Nutrition Programming

Let’s bring our passion for a healthy lifestyle to the workplace. Corporate Wellness programs are simple, effective, work-site fitness challenges.  Bring a high quality fitness and nutrition program right into the corporate world.  If you are a local business or a trainer that wants to bring fitness to the employees of local businesses, keep reading!

Train with MeWhat your Custom Program could include:

  • Menus / Meal Plans
  • Meal Journals
  • Individualized at-home fitness videos
  • Group Workouts at your gym or local park
  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Private Social Media Groups
  • Rewards Scoreboard / Workplace Teams
  • Dedicated Trainer/Coaching (Email/Phone/Live)
  • Daily Personal Development Lessons

Quite simply, the Corporate Fit Challenge overhauls fitness and nutrition habits in workplaces big and small over the course of a 3+ week Challenge. Learn and implement this system in any local business – from small retail shops to national franchises. Results are scalable to any size fitness business and any number of clients. You need people skills, training skills, and a desire to learn.


Click on the link below for a FREE consultation to determine how this program can fit into your business. When you invest in the program, I will set you up with a customized 3 week fitness challenge.

Invest in your success today!

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