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I have had a wild round-about life, traveling and living in different countries.  I think I worked 17 jobs in the last 10 years including one year when I got W2’s from four different states!  But when I came across BeachBody, I knew that I could run with it.  I’d taught myself website programming, development, marketing, and everything I needed …. to start a shitty online business, which I tried three times to do and failed.  Each time I learned a little more. The one thing I was missing was a Mastermind Group to help me learn and grow.

In the fall of 2015, while on a wild dirtbike road trip across America, I was introduced to Vito La Fata, one of Beachbody’s most successful coaches and part of TRSF – Team Rock Star Fit, the MOST successful team in the country. From my personal development, I knew more than anything that the Number one key to success was to find successful people and model their behavior!

So, I immediately called up Vito and asked him to mentor me.





Vito started the Hard Chargers United team which now has over 250 fitness professionals.  We meet weekly to go over internet marketing, client engagement, and other ideas for improving our business strategies.

A majority of fitness Pro’s have spent most of their time learning about sports performance, weight loss, nutrition, and other fitness related skills. But now, with the fitness industry moving to the internet, it has become almost imperative for FitPro’s to learn how to market themselves online.

As a member of HCU, you will get a whole team of coaches to mentor you, inspire you, and help you grow your business.


Who is this For?


I am a certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Burdenko Method trainer, and fitness entrepreneur with a passion for bringing the best quality solutions to the people who need them. If you are IN fitness already and you want to ADD another revenue stream, Beachbody can be adapted to your specific business model.

Beachbody business is not like traditional network marketing. We aren’t hosting home parties or carrying around a canned presentation to show you. We aren’t asking you to sign up everyone and your brother. There are thousands of successful Team Beachbody Coaches, but also many unsuccessful coaches.

If you are in fitness and want to succeed, you should be working with a team that will actually help you succeed. With the right training, you will be able to introduce Shakeology meal replacement into your existing client base, boot camps, and facility. However, it’s not a simple formula; you don’t just sign up as a coach and go.  When you join this team, and when you work with me, we offer specific training just for fitness professionals, including marketing systems, one-on-one coaching, and a series of progressive training courses you can retake as many times as needed.


Beachbody and Team RockStar Fit


Who is Team Beachbody? We are a network of 200,000 independent coaches across the United States and Canada who are the CEOs of our own on-line fitness and nutritional businesses. We recommend top-selling Beachbody fitness and nutritional programs like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, PiYo, T25, The 21-Day Fix, and Shakeology to people who want to get healthier. We also mentor others to have their own fitness businesses. In doing so, we achieve physical and financial fitness!

What do coaches do?

1. We help customers and clients lose weight, find confidence, get off medications, connect with new fitness buddies, improve nutrition, and get moving with fitness. We work with people we already know, and we meet new people through social media or community connections. When we qualify, Beachbody sends us their customers to help as well!

2. Business Coaching for Fitness Professionals.


The TRSF and HCU Teams have set themselves apart by creating the best training programs in the country. We offer four levels of on-the-job training to help our new coaches start and grow with confidence. We teach you the nuts and bolts of how to be successful.

On a daily basis, coaches connect people to the right products and then help them achieve their goals by providing accountability and support, mostly in private Facebook groups. We are not called distributors because our job is NOT to sell. We are coaches, which means we listen, guide, and offer support to people. Coaches do not need to be fitness professionals, but the majority of TRSF/HCU coaches are in health or fitness already as a part-time career or significant hobby. We do not become a billboard for Beachbody, we become an advocate for healthy living and we invite others to it. It’s something we already care about, so people like and trust us.


About JT


JT the AT slacklining silhouetteMy goal is to have over 250 beachbody clients and 20 fitness professionals on my team. I want the freedom that online fitness coaching will give me.  I want to visit my brother in Italy. I want to live in Argentina and Colombia and Asia. I want to be able to take friends on vacations and ride through South America on a dirtbike.

To do this, I need to help my clients and the coaches I bring onto my team. The more successful my clients and coaches are, the quicker I will be able to live the life of my dreams. And the best part? I’ll be able to continue coaching from wherever I am in the world!!!

I bust my butt to find the best ways to help people get FIT and make more MONEY. If you want to work with someone who you can call at any time for some motivation or coaching, I’m your guy.  I’ll be here waiting for you to make the commitment to your future….

”This is who I am and this is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it.” -Will Smith


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